AUGUST 22, 2022

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Lori Margiotta

Founder and CEO

I began working in the dental industry at the age of 17 and haven’t left since. With over 29 years in the dental industry, my passion, and my expertise, is in the numbers of the business. Since 2013, my mission with Bookkeeping for Dentists has been to acquire accurate numbers and guide my clients to success. I show them what the numbers mean and how they can use them to benefit their practice.

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Lori has implemented a system to track the offices' A/R, pre-determinations, day-ends, staff hours, bill payments.etc.  More importantly, she's someone who really takes her job seriously, and we feel she really cares about the business.

-Dr. K. Jumaily 

Lori takes the growth and success of my business just as personally - or even more so , than I do; working on projects, and occupying her mind with my business while at work, and in evenings and weekends as if it was her own business.

-Dr. Evan Zaretsky

In dental school they don’t teach you the business side of dentistry and I am so grateful I have Lori who understands our industry and profession and ensures I understand what my numbers mean and how to shift my excess overhead into profit.

-Dr. J. Minardi 

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Join The Waitlist

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